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Lost Saga Offline 2013

Lost Saga Offline 2013

Lost Saga Offline 2013


Lost Saga is a game that is played offline, made ​​from Gemscool results.

Here you will be pampered with a game, which presents an interesting adventure to be played.

Lost saga games that carries a First-person shooter (FPS), as well as point blank gemscool
You will fight as a hero figure of choice, with the presence of about 23 heroes in season 1, as well as about 100 heroes in the next season.

In lostsaga when playing the game, you should be able to fight as a hero to win the fight.

So that we have the figure of the hero will become more popular, and the name of our Guild will be fragrant.


Title: Lost Saga Offline 2013
Reproduced: Gemscool Indonesia
Platform: Game PC
Size: Unknown
Genre: FPS, Action

Lost Saga Offline 2013

Lost Saga Offline 2013

Lost Saga Offline 2013

Lost Saga Offline 2013

Lost Saga Offline 2013

Lost Saga Offline 2013


VGA 512 +
Processor 2.5 Ghz +
Windows 7 - Windows XP - Windows Vista - Windows Server

Lost Saga Offline 2013

1. If The File Is RAR Or ZIP You Have To Extract Before, But If The File Is Setup.exe You Can Install Directly

2. Click Setup Exe And Install as Usual

3. If You Have Finished Run The SERVER


IF SERVER OTOMATIC : This file contains Downloader (FULL). contains more information than the manual. namely Client (which is already in the edit), Servers, Websites, GameCP, Database, Tutorial (video form). and can be installed automatically. so stay around anyway (do not need setting ").

This file contains SERVER LostSaga Season 3 + Website + GameCP + System Manager. You can install SQL Server and start making DATABASE. with the existing query.
You can use the LS CLIENT INDO and edit the launcher to use Hex Editor.

HOW TO INSTALL SPEED DURING RUN SETUP EXE ( In The Lazy Person Waiting For Only ^_^ ):
Right Now I Am Want Post About How To Install Speed During Run Setup Exe Of Game Lostsaga Offline ..

For Make Your Speed You Have To Follow This Steps But I Don't Know This Work Or Not!:

1. Prepare Your Cheat Engine
2. Prepare Your Lost Saga Offline If You Finished Download

First  Install Your lost saga offline If The Install Already Open cheat engine After That select process Open Search The Word Of mshta.exe, If You Find That Click That Word After That Tick enable speed hack Change The speed hack Become it's up to you to allow faster completion ... Easy right ................ Thanks

Lost Saga Offline 2013

Lost Saga Offline 2013
Download Game
Lost Saga Offline 2013
Download Server Database
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